Keenan Wells Design


Senior Product Designer at DocuSign

Previously at SmugMug and Cake


Case Studies


Selected Mockups and Flows

Below are a few quick examples of my work from the last 8 years with both Cake and SmugMug.


Pixel Art and Animation

Below are some examples of my pixel art. This is a fun side project that has allowed me to do work for both Nike and ESPN. You can check out more of my work here.


Mike Trout t-shirt design for Nike (2018)

Lebron animation for Nike Basketball (2016)

Neymar Jr. t-shirt design for Nike (2018)

Animation for ESPN’s coverage of MLS Rivalry Week (2017)

Odell Beckham Jr. t-shirt design for Nike (2018)

Lebron t-shirt design for Nike (2018)

Kyrie Irving animation for Nike Basketball (2016)

Serena Williams animation (2017)

Jackie Robinson pixel art (2017)

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